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Project Description

This Java applet is a simple graphing calculator in the making. At this stage, it is provided to the public primarily as an example of my personal software development work.

Using the text input box, a user can type in an expression (a function of x) and then graph the function. The mouse can be used to pan and zoom the resulting graph.

While the user interface currently only supports basic functionality, the internal classes are designed to be extensible so as to support future features such as calculus, multiple graphs, and 3D graphing.

Currently, the applet supports the following operations:

*, /, +, -, ^
sin(arg), cos(arg), tan(arg),
asin(arg), acos(arg), atan(arg),
ln(arg), log(arg),

where "arg" etc are valid expressions.

If the graph freezes (does not respond to mouse dragging), then try editing the equation given. An invalid expression will result in an unresponsive graph panel, but should not stall the applet.

This applet is an ongoing personal project of mine. Its historical roots come from a graphing calculator project which I wrote in high school using C#, and which can be found at In the future, I would like to port it to Android, possibly placing it in the Android app store. I am also working on adding 3D graphing support, though that feature is not my most important project.

Please enjoy!




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